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AYPSC - Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at a Glance
Aesthetically You Plastic Surgery Centre in Long Beach California offered by Experienced, Double Board Certified Top Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Donn Hickman. This section offers a general overview of cosmetic surgery procedures and explores cosmetic surgical offerings, many of these procedures may also fulfill true medical needs. You should understand that the circumstances and experience of every individual will be unique.

In addition, please note that all surgery carries some uncertainty and risk, including the possibility of infection, bleeding, blood clots, and adverse reactions to the anesthesia. If you're considering cosmetic plastic surgery, please contact us for more in-depth information on these procedures.
"Much of the information in this section is provided by the Plastic Surgery Information Service of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons."
  • Presented course "Chemical Peels" to RNs/ Skin Care Professionals,Newport Beach, CA February 25, 2010 Science, Selection, and Depth Issues - 2 March 2010 17:48
  • Article: Periareolar Purse String Breast Lift (Goes Method) in publication: J.of Plas,Rec.Aesth, Surg, 14 yr. experience; (4-9 cm elevation) - 24 December 2009 14:12
  • Our article on periareolar breast lift should be the first North American series on this minimal scar method for challenging breast cases.. - 1 December 2009 18:08
  • Article accepted for publication in the Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Brazilian periareolar breast lift - 1 December 2009 18:07
  • THE CROTON OIL PEEL Practice has been performing the peel in variations for over 25 years, and - 20 November 2009 14:59
  • The results can be seen in the BEFORE AND AFTER SECTION ON SKIN RESURFACING PHOTOS. - 20 November 2009 14:45
  • The pendulum may be swinging back to peels as a key element in skin resurfacing equalling and perhaps surpassing the laser. - 17 November 2009 15:03
  • The peel can be adjusted for skin type, the patient's desired end result, - 14 November 2009 19:40
  • and is planned to encompass a consumer's schedule and time budgeted for skin improvement. - 14 November 2009 19:40
  • CROTON OIL PEELS with phenol are making a comeback - 10 November 2009 15:55
  • CROTON OIL-PHENOL PEELS or CROTON OIL PEELS - 8 November 2009 23:56
  • Breast Implant Extended Warranties for Deflation or Rupture - 6 November 2009 12:42 See Dr. Hickman's Expert Answers on Realself follow us on twitter join us on facebook youtube plurk
Aesthetically You Plastic Surgery Centre
Southern California Specialist In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Serving Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County
Offering Cosmetic Plastic Surgery By Experienced, Double Board Certified Top Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Donn Hickman

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