Welcome to S. California Purse String Breast Lift and Reduction

An affiliated web site for Aesthetically You Plastic Surgery Centre based in Long Beach, California since 1984. The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of Plastic Surgery of the Breast including Breast Augmentation, Lift, Reduction, Revision, and Reconstruction, with special emphasis on the Advanced Brazilian method of periareolar purse string lift and reduction in the most challenging cases seen by a Plastic Surgeon. Special reference to the other methods of Breast Lift and Reduction including the Vertical method and Anchor Pattern is considered for the most difficult cases. This site will be continually expanded to address points of interest and popular trends in Plastic Surgery as they relate to the broad range of Services offered by this Practice for the public who come from the Southern California area, as well as from other parts of the state, country, and abroad.

My mission is clear, to best inform you, the consumer who is pondering Plastic surgery, of the best way to achieve success by attempting to match the ideas, hopes, and dreams you have, with realistic recommendations that come from my experience training, and philosophy. I warmly acknowledge the time you may take to peruse the specialty website, and invite any comments, questions, concerns, and controversial points that may arise. We will add additional case reports of Before and After results from time to time.


Feel free to contact us by email or through our toll free phone number at your earliest convenience. We are available day and night with cell phone access for your special attention. All consultations are complimentary with validation of parking. Routine plus long term follow-up visits are welcome without financial concern, so that you can see us when it is important to you.