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Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

by aypsc
Dr.Donn Hickman obtained Board Certification in two specialities: General Surger
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on Wednesday, 31 August 2011
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It has been said of plastic surgery and hair transplants that you will never see a really good result because when done well and gives balance to the appearance, you don’t see any signs or perceptible scars.  Celebrities and those with great public persona always have to project youth and vitality, resisting the forces of age, or else the public will find  suitable replacements for the images so imagined. There is always a more appealing messenger.  This is human nature which brands public perception as the way we view the world.  Everything we do is marketing ourselves- our look, our speech, our message, our delivery, our meaning, and quite frankly our first impression.  We would hope the scrutinizing consumer  when choosing a plastic surgeon, understands the character behind the face, the professional versus the novice, and the expert from the charlatan.

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