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"Tickle Lipo" Custom Acoustic Liposuction --- C.A.L., Vibolipo, VL

by aypsc
Dr.Donn Hickman obtained Board Certification in two specialities: General Surger
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CUSTOM ACOUSTIC LIPO (C.A.L) also termed Vibroliposuction is a new take on the popular Power-Assist Liposuction (PALS) which this Practice often uses. 

In technical terms the power-assist method employs a rapidly reciprocating powered  tip, that permits the surgeon
to glide through the fatty deposits reducing the stress on the operator's shoulder and back.  The recently introduced CAL system uses a motion technology called Vibroliposuction where air pressure in the unit producings a complex 360 degree motion of the cannula tip to which helps it glide through tissues extracting fat with efficiency.   The motion is termed ''nutation" .   It is being reported as smoother and better able to loosen fat. 

 As an aside, when using this device under local anesthesia, the vibrations produced may generate a light tickling sensation for the patient who make actually cause them to laugh.   Some 60% of patients may experience this heightened vibratory sensation that prompts them to chuckle.   have had the experience of two patients on whom I have performed some minor local liposuction with a suction device only, and the act of pushing the cannula back and forth did prompt to the patient's to laugh during the procedure.  Often pressure and vibratory sensation can be perceived as heightened tickling and cause the nerve response to incite laughter.

This new device is worth examination, but appears to be similar in reducing stress on the surgeon for the most part.  Further review will determine if it will become popular with plastic surgeons and whether it offers distinct advantages to power-asssist (PALS) liposuction with respect to smoother extraction, shorter operating times, and improved patient outcomes. 

Local anesthesia may not be suitable for everyone, but all methods in current use may be applied with local, sedation, or general anesthesia.    Our current preference for liposuction is Power-Assist for larger longer duration procedures, with standard suction for delicate areas of the neck, calves, and ankles.

KEY TERMS for this new technology

nutation technology of 360 degree cannula motion
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Custom Acoustic Liposuction
VL Liposuction

Vibroliposuction (VL)

Vibroliposuction represents a development of the PAL concept. In this system, the cannula is activated by air pressure, producing a complex movement of the tip. This movement, combining antero-posterior, superoinferior and parasaggital displacement is called “nutation”. The amplitude of this movement depends on the cannula length and diameter as well as the pressure entering the handpiece. A recent publication by REBELO (44) describes this technique.

REBELO A. Power-assisted liposuction. Clin Plast Surg, 2006, 33 : 91-105.

"In conclusion, this technique allows easier tissue penetration and causes less fatigue to the surgeon"
 one study-------

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