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Zerona laser melts fat (no surgery, no suction)

by aypsc
Dr.Donn Hickman obtained Board Certification in two specialities: General Surger
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There is a new technology that has just been released at the beginning of 2009 with work culminating in 2008, on a laser which gently targets fat cells, right through the skin, causing them to leak fat which is released and eliminated from the body. The preliminary information suggests that the low level cool laser which is aimed at several body contours at one time, over a 40 minute period, stimulates the fat cells to push fat through small microscopic pores which form at the edges of the fat cells. The leakage does not damage the numbers of cells, but causes them to shrink.  This is the general mechanism of how we lose fat weight, as the cells just diminish in size with a stimulus to burn fat, such as occurs with diet and exercise.  The resistance of fat burning to general measures in many human beings is a well know fact in human physiology, and liposuction by history has helped in this regard by its basis in removing total fat cells which leads to weight and inches loss.  The new method stimulates the fat cells to discharge their volume of fatty material which leads to body contouring.

     The treatment protocol calls for 6 treatments spaced out over two weeks of one hour office visits, and there is no down time except for your travel and work considerations.  You must not consume alcohol. get plenty of rest, and drink an additional amount of fluids during the treatment period.

      Time will determine the practicality of multiple visits and the overall patient satisfaction, plus whether the fat cells will reharvest new fat that is presented to them when the treatments are completed.  Since metabolism is not affected---- nor lifestyle choices---one must assume a new attitude on conditioning, diet, and exercise, or the outcome will not be permanent.

       Many specialists are looking at this method for its safety, effectiveness, cost matrix,  long term success,and whether nature could find a way of offsetting or enhancing the long term state of the treatments as consumers change their mindset on lifestyle.

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