Consultation, Candidacy, Preparation, Expectations, and Outcome

How do I get started if I wish information about services at Aesthetically You Plastic Surgery Centre and Southern California Breast Lift and Reduction in Long Beach,California?
1.You may email our office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and provide some basic information so that we may respond to your inquiry.
2.There is a portal from our main web site at www.cosmetic-center.com under CONTACT US where you can click Pre-Consultation Questionnaire to type in any information about you and questions that arise.
3.We welcome appointments which can be made by either emailing us or contacting the office by phone (1 800-427-4714) toll free or (562-422-5902) locally. Usually appointments may be given the same week as the contact to the office. There is no charge for the initial consultation appointment, and the parking is validated for the Bixby Business Center that houses our Accredited Ambulatory Plastic Surgery Centre (one of only three offices) conveniently located on the First Floor of the structure.
4.All information is protected by the HIPAA privacy guidelines. This is especially important if you wish to provide photos of a problem area so we give a personal and private on line consultation on what can be offered.


What plastic surgery procedures and services do Dr. Hickman and Aesthetically You Plastic Surgery Centre offer? Does the Southern California Purse String Breast Lift Center offer only breast procedures?
1.The Practice offers a broad spectrum of services in Plastic Surgery for the Face, Skin, Breast, and Body, including topical procedures such as skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, Botox, and tissue fillers. This Practice has been in Long Beach since 1984, and in the same location since 1986. There is over two decades of practical clinical experience covering all facets of Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery.
2.One of the largest BEFORE AND AFTER photo galleries of total body Plastic Surgery is featured on the main web site at www.cosmetic-center.com.
3.There is a LIBRARY RESOURCE with a "scroll-down" list of articles and links to information on new trends and concepts at www.cosmetic-center.yourmd.com.
The present web site (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PURSE STRING BREAST LIFT AND REDUCTION) features the special interest Dr. Hickman has with the periareolar purse string scar approach for breast lift, reduction, revision, and reconstruction which has been implemented and popularized for patients since 1992. While the circular scar method for treatment of minimal forms of breast droop and sagging is known as the donut lift or crescent lift, the true advanced periareolar purse string method of skin closure has used for the most challenging forms of breast problems, ordinarily approached with a Vertical breast scar or the T pattern scar. The well known description for this purse string approach as been the Brazilian method (after Sampaio-Goes) and the celebrated Benelli method.

Patients who have minimal forms of breast sag or droop are not subjected to donut or crescent lift in this Practice, but instead are offered Breast Augmentation alone, which avoids the concern over the scars of a crescent or donut lift. An augmentation alone can be accomplished with special internal breast tailoring methods when the nipple does not require lifting more than 3 cm. This will please many prospective patients who may have been advised to have an augmentation with crescent skin excision, or simple donut circular skin reduction. When more advanced surgery is necessary to lift and reduce the moderately sized breast, the purse string approach is advised.
Will my appointment and consultation be confidential?
All consultations are private and confidential as we honor the HIPAA guidelines as a healthcare organization. No information will be released without your signed approval. Notes and letters to employers may be provided with permission.
May I bring someone along with me for my consultation?
Often it is good idea to bring a spouse or significant other in order to obtain information that can be explained to both parties insofar as expectations, recovery, and results.
Is there a minimum age to be a candidate for Plastic Surgery?
There are many procedures performed by Plastic Surgeons on infants, children, and adolescents. For the most part these interventions are for developmental problems, or to correct deformities caused by sudden illness, trauma, and disease. Adolescents from age to 13-15 may be candidates for reconstructive surgery to the breasts, when there is failure of breast bud growth, or massive glandular breast enlargement. There is a lot of controversy over breast augmentation and liposuction in teenagers. It is best to wait for optimum breast development near age 18 to 19 for breast enlargement, and to give preadolescent body fat a chance to fade before considering liposuction as attention needs to be paid to diet and exercise in young people. Similarly, for areas such as the nose which obtains near full growth by age 14 in girls, and 16 in boys, the plastic surgeon can intervene to reduce an obtrusive overbearing nose. A small chin can be addressed simultaneously. The ears attain full growth by age 5 or 6, such that children may receive surgery for maldeveloped or overprojecting ears before school years. A mature adolescent who understands the indications for Plastic Surgery, and has a realistic view of the outcome is a good candidate with proper parental support and consent.
What can I do to prepare myself for Plastic Surgery, will my desires be met, and what kind of results can I expect?
It is important to be realistic about seeking changes in physical appearance, and seek solutions that are relatively straightforward that do not raise expectations beyond reason. Often Plastic Surgeons can make extraordinary transformations in ones appearance whether it is on the face, breasts, or body. It is important to focus on specific physical things which are bothersome, and not to substitute Plastic Surgery for personal growth and fulfillment. The results of Plastic Surgery may not improve one's personality or be a tool for ultimate success. All Plastic Surgery requires mental preparation by the patient and a careful look at sensible goals so that satisfaction is more easily obtained. Often patients bring a photograph of a face, nose, body part, or general look that they find attractive. This gives the surgeon an idea of what is possible and what may be unachievable.

An obsession to have a specific look may lead the patient to seek more operations and never obtain full satisfaction. The extreme of this situation is called dysmorphic body disorder when someone undergoes numerous surgeries in the quest for the perfect golden proportion. A Plastic Surgeon may perform a simulated image on a body part or draw on an existing photograph to give a patient an idea of what might be expected. In reality the surgeon is only assisting the patient in obtaining change, perhaps setting back the hands of time for a while, and interrupting abnormal development

A review of the doctor's photo gallery on the specific procedure sought, will give the prospective patient an idea of what results that doctor achieves. If the patient is not impressed with the results of plastic surgery in the area of concern, it may be necessary to obtain several consultations, and perhaps find the surgical art work of another surgeon who may meet expectations. If the patient and the doctor cannot come to a common conclusion when discussing a procedure and its intended outcome, it is then time to re-think the intervention, and perhaps not proceed at all. Pondering ones options, learning more about what it is that is to be achieved, and being sensible can be critical in the decision making process.

Often, surgeons who have been in Practice for many years have numerous case results that are compelling. This means that with greater surgical experience and patient interaction the surgeon may demonstrate exceptional skill in all areas of inquiry. There is still no promise of perfection. The Plastic Surgeon may recommend a minor procedure, or a series of smaller procedures, to see how the prospective patient copes with the process, and views the more subtle transformations.