Planning, Scheduling, Costs, and Financing

How much time to I need to take off from work?
This varies according to the type of surgery or procedure. For larger operations such as breast lift, reduction, tummy tuck, and major body contouring with liposuction or microliposculpture, it may be necessary to take off a few days to 10 days. Job demands will determine how much time off work is necessary. A person's general response to surgery and anesthesia can influence the resumption of normal and work activities . Some patients will look at a week or so which may include the two weekends on either side, to obtain nearly 10 days of necessary recovery. It is good to have a few extra days in reserve by discussing the medical leave with your employer and significant others, as well as those who might be helping you with your initial recovery. Often patients with very physical jobs may need 2 to 3 weeks to feel their best in order to return to a more robust activity schedule. The concept of a weekend face lift, minimally invasive advanced liposuction with no recovery, and lunch time procedure may not reflect the reality of how one will respond to an operation. Procedures that just touch the skin and do not involve local anesthetics, and invasive measures to restore and enhance body parts, can be quite simple and painless with rapid recovery. Any time a body part is manipulated, shifted, or tightened with instruments and sutures, there will be a normal bodily response in the form of swelling, bruising, and some discomfort. Many patients do not wish anyone to know they have had Plastic Surgery, thus time taken for recovery may extended to the point where any external signs of surgery have disappeared.
How do I schedule Plastic Surgery?
Once the surgeon and patient agree upon a course of action, the patient will talk with the office manager and inquire about the surgery schedule and fee structure. If there is agreement on all elements, then a patient will select a date, having coordinated this with the employer and others who may be responsible for transportation to and from the surgical facility, and those responsible for watching over the patient for a period right after surgery. A deposit is kindly requested at the time a procedure is scheduled, which reserves the date of the procedure, until the time of another trip to the office, called the preoperative visit. At the preoperative visit, a review of the patient's medical history, recovery plans, and employer paperwork such as time taken off, and completion of all finances for the costs of the procedure is all taken care of with the front office and the physician. Sometimes surgery may need to be postponed due to conflicts or medical issues that can arise, at which time the surgery date is changed. There is a further review of what is being offered, and the outcome that is anticipated,. All questions and concerns are addressed at this preoperative visit.
Is Plastic Surgery affordable?
In most situations Plastic Surgery procedures are affordable, and can range from $1500 to $15000 including surgeon, facility, lab, and anesthesia fees. The total cost depends on the type of procedure, length of recuperative follow-up necessary in the office, and whether combined procedures are chosen. All forms of payment are excepted, including credit cards, and financing. Current financing organizations include Cosmetic-Fee plan (CAPITAL ONE: 1-888-440-2375), (MEDPROVA: 1-888-444-0016) and (COMBINED ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION: 1-888-405-8140). Online applications for each of these companies are available. Your privacy is honored when information is provided to these agencies. We are not given an information on your financial status.
Will Insurance cover some of the costs of Plastic Surgery?
Occasionally Breast Reduction Surgery may be covered by insurance but benefits are becoming restricted to patients requiring very large reductions. The protocol to obtain authorization and approval has become quite detailed such that reimbursement may not always be assured. At this time we do not participate in any Preferred Provider (Physician discount fee) Plans, It is recommended to check with one's insurance company to see if Services are covered and which Physicians may continue to participate in the Provider fee discount program.