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Thread Suspension Lifts For The Face

Long Beach Minimally invasive lifts using sutures without surgery to restore youthful facial contours is becoming popular. Suture thread suspension of the brow, checks, jowls, and neck has been evolving for many years. Currently there are two methods of suture lifting.

A loop thread is deployed from the top of the brow or from the side of the face and neck to harness the delicate tissues in the front and pull them in proper position (where the thread passes down to engage the sagging tissues and back upward in an H pattern), being tied where the thread was introduced. The loop and suture stays in place under the skin.

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New Tissue Filler Juvederm Coming Soon

The popularity of tissue fillers to plump and enhance tissues of the face has lead to the development of Juvederm which is set to be released by Allergan in the FALL.

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Periareolar Scar Breast Lift and Reduction

Women who seek Plastic Surgery for breast lift and reduction wish to have an ideal breast. Body shape as defined by morphic factors will determine what shape best fits each individual. The surgeon should create a breast form that is in balance with the body.

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Vector Approach to Lids and Brow

The eyes of the beautiful normal young person while varying in general shape, have one key feature in common. The vector or alignment of the eyes are slightly elevated from the horizontal or a positive vector.

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