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Thread Suspension Lifts For The Face

Long Beach Minimally invasive lifts using sutures without surgery to restore youthful facial contours is becoming popular. Suture thread suspension of the brow, checks, jowls, and neck has been evolving for many years. Currently there are two methods of suture lifting.

A loop thread is deployed from the top of the brow or from the side of the face and neck to harness the delicate tissues in the front and pull them in proper position (where the thread passes down to engage the sagging tissues and back upward in an H pattern), being tied where the thread was introduced. The loop and suture stays in place under the skin.

A contour thread or feather lift thread involves deploying two arms of a barbed suture from the top of the brow or from the side of the face and neck (where the thread passes through the sagging tissues, to engage the tissues in the front, then the loop is clipped at the bottom leaving two sutures side-by-side that are held while the tissues are contoured upward and backward by finger pressure as the barbed limbs are tied at the top). The sutures can be clipped below and pulled to bury them under the skin, but more effectively they are left outside the skin for a week, so they can be further adjusted with finger pressure as things heal. Once the contouring is stabilized, the bare ends at the bottom are clipped and buried under the skin.

The use of Botox prior to thread lifts can quiet the muscles around the threads so that the pull can be maintained while the uplifted tissues adhere and heal. The results can last from 1- 5 years. Threads alone are best applied to younger patients with thick skin and firm underlying tissues. Thread lifts can be used in conjunction with fat transfer, tissues fillers, skin resurfacing, and at the time of face, neck, eyelid, and brow lifting to add support to these operations. Combining threads with surgery is best used in patients who are older and have more elastic skin and thinner facial tissues.