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Periareolar Scar Breast Lift and Reduction

Long BeachWomen who seek Plastic Surgery for breast lift and reduction wish to have an ideal breast.  Body shape as defined by morphic factors will determine what shape best fits each individual.  The surgeon should create a breast form that  is in balance with the body.  Often it is possible to create a look that is an ideal beautiful normal.  It may be necessary to sculpt and shape the breast and even insert implants to restore volume and projection lost by age, pregnancy, and weight loss.  Sometimes hereditary effects on breast shape may limit the spectrum of possibilities.  Staging a breast restoration may be necessary in light of risks imposed by aggressive single stage surgery, especially when the breasts are narrow or constricted, and have an imbalance between nipple and areolar size and position, and position plus dimensions of the gland.

Since scarring is of paramount concern to all patients, it is the goal of the surgeon to provide the best possible shape and configuration with the least amount of scar left behind.  Sometimes there must be a tradeoff when using minimal scar surgery, such as delay in the final appearance as the tissues shake out and remodel from the surgery.  The Brazilian method of breast lift, reduction, and reconstruction is preferred, as it provides a suitable and beautiful breast form with only a purse string or circular scar around the areolar, althought it can be a starburst configuration.   It is not possible to apply this method to the extremes of breast shape.